Workshops in Linköping, June 2011

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In Linköping, Sweden, there will be a series of workshops in the time-period June 17-23. The workshops will all be related to various aspects of systems biology, but are intended as separate workshops, on relatively narrow sub-subjects, and with different sets of participants on each of the workshops. All workshops except for last one (local to the university) are by invitation only, and you should contact Gunnar Cedersund at, if you haven't received an invitation, but are interested in joining, or if you have suggestions of additional people to invite. The workshops are distributed as follows June 17 is just arrival day (and for informal meetings), so the first presentations in workshop 1 start at 9.00 on June 18, and the first workshop ends on June 19 at 13. The second workshop starts around 14 on June 19 and includes presentations until the late afternoon/evening on June 20. June 21 is only there for informal meetings. We are currently putting together a detailed schedule, and it should hopefully appear later this week.

With the hope of an interesting time in Linköping in June!

Gunnar and the rest of the Linköping Centre for Systems Biology

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