Practical Information


Workshop 1-3: The venue is at Campus HU (University Hopsital), Linköping Sweden (map). The site is within walking distance from Linköping centre, about 15-20 minutes. You can also take the bus. Ask the personel at the Resecentrum (train station etc.) to help you get to the hospital area. You should disembark on the station "US Maskincentralen" or "US Norra Entrén".

Here is a map of the site: Map. If you set your google-maps to "Lasarettsgatan, Linköping, Sweden" you will findyourself outside of entrence 65 depicted in the site map. We will have signs direction you onwards from entrence 64 and 65. If any obstacles occur, such as locked doors, please call Rikard or Gunnar.

Workshop 4: On Wednesday the venue is att campus Valla, lecture hall Planck. On Thursday the venue is att campus HU, lecture Hall Berziliussalen. Enter from glasséntren (entrence 65, see above map), then walk straight ahead 30 meters and it's on your left.

We will provide you with temporary guest accounts so that you can log on to the wireless network. We will also have a printer available for you.

Meals Included?

For Worskhop 1 there are 3 meals included. Lunch and (downtown) dinner Saturday, and lunch on Sunday.

For Workshop 2-3 there is joint dinner on Sunday, and lunch on Monday.

For Workshop 4, participants pay their own expenses. We have made reservations for a joint dinner on wednesday though.

Getting here

The easiest way is by air. You can fly at very low cost to Skavsta Airport with Ryan Air. Then you can take the airport busses to Linköping. The trip takes around 90 minutes. Alternatively you can also take the train. The trains should be available to book using any travel agency, the aiport buses requires that you pay it yourself and get reimbursed later.

If you land in Arlanda you will have to take the train to Linköping.

If you land at Linköping City Aiport you're virtually there already. Order a taxi, 15-20 minutes ride to you hotel, assuming it's more or less in the city center.

Alternitavely you can take one of the night trains to Copenhagen (e.g. CNL) and from there continue to Linköping. Both these trips should be bookable through your local travel agent.


We recommend the following two default alternatives:


Questions about practicalities etc. should be directed to:
Rikard Johansson
Phone: 0046-(0)736 69 97 95

Other questions can be adressed directly to Gunnar:
Gunnar Cedersund
phone: 0046-(0)702 51 23 23

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