Mikael Forsgren

I have a M.Sc. in biotechnology engineering with a focus on the field of systems biology. The later part of my undergraduate studies was personally tailored with the aid of Dr. Gunnar Cedersund (LiU) and Dr. Olof Dahlqvist-Leinhard (LiU), in order to emphasize on research of systems biology applied on clinically close problems. My area of expertise includes mechanistic modeling of whole body pharmacokinetics and quantitative multi modal magnetic resonance (MR). For the last four years (three of which was in parallel with my undergraduate studies) I have been member of Prof. Peter Lundberg’s research group (LiU), which is situated at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV). We work diligently on developing novel quantitative MR techniques (MRI, MRS, MRE), as well as state-of-the-art post-processing methods and analysis.

Currently my work has resulted in multiple conference contributions, one of which was awarded the Magna Cum Laude award (20th ISMRM annual meeting, Melbourne, 2012) and peer-reviewed publications.

On the horizon lays the intriguing problems that need to be solved in order to create patient specific regional function assessments of the entire liver based on short (< 1h) MRI exams, so that more accurate planning of liver resection might be carried out (which is very coarsely assessed to date, yielding uncertain surgical planning and poor post-surgical survival in some cases). Moreover computer assisted diagnosis (CAD) for diffuse liver disease, based on Bayesian modeling, is another exciting area of research where we aim to use all our quantitative multi model MR techniques to aid in the everyday clinical practice of hepatology physicians. The CAD research involves close collaboration with the theoretician Jose M Peña. All of these problems require close collaboration between MR-physicists, physicians, radiologists and modelers a like, which is an environment in which I thrive and is constant source of new ideas!