Rikard Johansson

I am a PhD-student in Systems Biology, employed at the Department of Biomedical Engineering (IMT). At IMT me and my supervisor Gunnar Cedersund coordinates a Systems Biology Core Facility, providing modeling competencies to other research groups at Linköping University.

I have a bachelor in biology from Gothenburg University and ended my studies with a 2-years master program in Systems Biology, working on my thesis in Stefan Hohmann’s group where I did experimental and modeling work on cross-talk of MAPK-pathways in yeast cells.

I am currently working on projects in close collaboration with Peter Strålfors’ group at IKE, where I chiefly model different aspects of insulin signaling. I am also working in collaboration with Alejandro Colman Lerner in Buenos Aires on mother-daughter asymmetry in yeast cells. Previously I have worked in a theoretical collaboration with Jens Timmer’s group in Freiburg, dealing with bootstrapping and model selection and discrimination. I’m also involved in teaching and supervision of new student’s in the group.


rikard (dot) johansson (at) liu (dot) se