Tilda Herrgårdh

I’m studying to get a Master of Science in engineering biology, and in the ISB group I’m working on a project with the purpose of modelling glucose concentrations in intensive care units (ICUs).

Normally, the glucose homeostasis maintains a glucose level between 80 and 110 mg/dl. If it fails in a way that leads to an elevated level, the condition is called hyperglycemia, a condition which can be observed in patients treated at ICUs. Hyperglycemia together with the high variations in the glucose levels also observed in ICU-patients impairs the chances of survival for these patients. To control the glucose levels, the patients are given insulin and glucose. The problem with this method is that it is hard to correctly predict the glucose levels and thereby give the right amount of glucose or insulin at the right time. The hope is that these predictions can be improved with the help of mathematical modelling, and thereby improve the life expectancy for ICU-patients.