Tobias Thorén

Understanding human movement is important both for preventing injuries in for example sport, aswell as optimising athletes preformance. Biomechanics is the seintific field used to describe human motion through the use of forces, the work-energy principle or the momentum-impuls principle. The best way to predict and study a certian motion is to create a model of it. A biomechanical model enables the study of the motions range of motion, mucle involment and much more. My main project during my internship is to learn how human motion is translated into a model and create models of atleast one basic movement.

My secondary project is to create a model wich describes the realese of fatty acids from the adipose tissue to the blood circulation during a workout. When a person trains their body, the realse of fatty acids will increase to to an unkown factor kown as the work factor. Recent papers have suggested that IL-6, wich is realesed from muscle tissue during a work out, is the work factor. I am not going to validate these claims, rather im going to attempt to describe the phenominom by creating a model.