Book a meeting with Gunnar Cedersund

We are always interested to discuss systems biology projects, collaborations, general questions, initial inquiries etc. If you want to talk to me, Gunnar Cedersund, a good option is to book a meeting. You can do this, without contacting me, and this is the recommeded option. Then you look in the calender below, and find a time that satisfies: When you have found such a time, which also suits you, contact any person in our group, who can book such events directly in my calender (this also includes all supervisors in TBMT33/34). If it then appears in the calender, we have an appointment. The standard option is to meet in my room on floor 12, cellbiologen, in Linköping, Sweden, but if you prefer some other place, write that in the booking (then also allow for potential travel times). If you want to update your status to be able to do these bookings yourself, write an email to (who also is one of the persons who can book meetings).