Email-status for Gunnar Cedersund

Writing an email to me is oftentimes the worst option for getting in touch with me. In other words, this is usually the most saturated channel, and in quite long periods in the past, I have had a back-log of several months. In such periods, I simply have to choose which emails to answer, and many important emails may go unanswered for long periods of time. To know whether I am in such a period or not, I have created the below Email-status graph, which simply states how many unanswered emails I have at the moment. If this is not down consistently at zero at the moment, it is a better option to use one of the other channels to contact me: call me (+46-(0)702-512323 (mobile), +46-(0)10103-4148 (office)), book a meeting, or write a rizzoma wave (to If you are a student, the best option is to write in the Q/A-section of the LISAM page that is connected to your course. You can also try to write an email to, who is the administrator of the core facility. Finally, the graphs below are time-series and therefore suitable for modelling. I have explained the above, and drawn some simple conclusions in this video.