Gunnar Cedersund

My basic training is in theoretical physics, where I have a M.Sc from Linköping university, but since my M.Sc. project I have been working with systems biology. First I went to Copenhagen, to work on the insulin-producing beta cells, and from there to ISY in Linköping for 3 years, and to FCC in Gothenburg for 2 years. During those latter 5 years I did my Ph.D. thesis, which main accomplishment was the development of a new modelling approach: core-box modelling (symbolized by the logo above). Up until then I had only worked in theoretical, typically engineering, groups. After my Ph.D. I returned to Linköping, to build up my own systems biology group, at the experimental department IKE, within the group of Peter Strålfors. During the first 4 years, I was also travelling 2 times a year for 1-2 months visits to various groups in the world: e.g., to Hiroaki Kitano, Stefan Hohmann, Jens Timmer, and Alejandro Colman-Lerner. In 2011, I received a FoAss position from the Swedish Research council, and that allowed me to start building up a more independent modelling group: called Integrative Systems Biology ( I have also started the Linköping Centre for Systems Biology (LCSB), and the most active part of this is centered around my group, which also functions as a core facility, currently used by more than 10 other research groups.

Want to contact me? Here you find my work-calender. Here you find my email-status.

Here you can find info regarding some of my many other interests: teaching yoga; giving piano concerts; dancing salsa, tango, and contact improvisation; writing poetry; arranging TED watching evenings and working for a better world; etc!