Oscar Silfvergren

My work involves human energy regulation on a multi-organ and multi-timescale. The human energy regulation is analyzed using mathematical modeling where partial insights derrived from microphysiological systems (organ on a chip) and in vivo data is integrated into an interconected big picture. The in vivo data is partly from existing clinical studies, and partly from our groups own clinical studies, where I take part in the data analytics and planing of the experiments. Furthermore, in a collaboration with AstraZeneca, I use microphysiological systems to expand my energy regulation models, and create new pharmacological models.

Previously, I have developed a physologically based meal response model. The new meal response model can make time continuous carbohydrate and protein metabolism simulations while transition fluently between a fed and unfed state. The model may also be personalised from a mean metabolism observed in the estimation data, into person-specific metabolism through data driven calibrations and declaration of information such as sex, height, weight and diabates status (yes/no).

Currently, I am working to further evolve my human energy regulation model, which lacks support for weight change, lipid metabolism and disease progression. This work can now be found at PLOS. Additionally, I am working togheter with AstraZeneca to developing pharmacological models.