Valentin Kindesjö

My name is Valentin Kindesjö. I first associated with ISB group during my medical studies, when I did a research project modelling fatty acid fluxes in and around adipose tissue after a meal. I’m now doing my residency to become a licensed healthcare practitioner, and I’m combining my clinical practice with research. I became a PhD student in the group during the autumn of 2021, and will stay with the group until at least 2029.

I’m part of the team that develops the front end of our digital twin technology (ie the parts that the user interacts with). I also take advantage of my background in engineering to bring the modelling forward, and take part in planning clinical studies to collect data to validate the model predictions. I function as a link between people with shorter commitments in these teams, such as medical students that I co-supervise, and students taking courses at Linköping institute of technology.