Disease and Biological Function

One key aspect in using mathematical modelling is to identify sutiable targets for medication or other treatment for a disease. As the biological systems are highly complexed it is challanging, time consuming, and expensive to identify suitable targets for treatment that better or heal a diseased state. Here, mathematical modelling can help to reduce the complexity of a system and identify key interactions that would be potential treatment targets. By introducing mathematical modelling as a guiding tool for understanding the, 1) healthy state, and 2) diseased state, one can extract the differences or interactions that give rise to the differences. Therafter, either theses interactions can be targeted directly or related interactions can be tested as treatment targets. Modelling do not only allow to speed up and make this target identifying process cheaper, but also helps by giving prediction of how alterations of these targets could affected the current state. Down below we present some of the diseases we are working with.