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Bachelor projects in the systems biology group

A Bachelor's project is a where the students learn to interpret real biological data to answer real (unanswered) research questions using mathematical modelling. In practice, this is done by working in real scientific projects, in collaboration with our experimental collaborators located around the world.

Note, that to do a bachelor's project (or any project for that matter), it is highly recommended that you first go through the topics covered in the introductory course. After that, you should do one of the computer exercises listed on in the sidebar on this page, which should prepare you for making a "real" project. We offer both a Python and MATLAB version.

Most of our bachelors students come from the engineering biology program at Linköping university (in the TBMT33 course), but we regularly have students from other programs (ranging from medical students to computer science students), both locally and internationally. We are always open to having motivated students that want to do projects in systems biology!

Important topics for doing a systems biology project

This page will also cover topics that are of importance when doing a scientific project. These include things like how to write a good scientific text, how to to do a poster, and good programming practices. Note that the material covering these topics originated from the TBMT33 course, and there might thus be some parts of the videos that are oriented towards that course, but in general, the topics should be relevant for most people interested in doing a scientific project.