About Us

The Integrative Systems Biology (ISB) is a research group and a research environment working with mathematical modelling of biological systems. We are located at Linköping University, Sweden, and are physically located at the department of Biomedical Engineering (IMT). However, many of us, including Gunnar Cedersund, the research director, have double affiliations, and are enrolled in both a theoretical department (e.g. IMT), and an experimental department (e.g. the Department of Clinical and Experimental Research, IKE, or the Department of Medicine and Health, IMH). In other words, many who are at ISB sit part of the time embedded in an experimental group, and part of the time at ISB, where they work with the modelling and theory sides of the projects. This is to ensure both that the highest level of understanding goes into the modelling, and that the newest state-of-the-art methods are being applied to their analysis.

In this fashion, ISB serves as a support function for the entire university, to which groups who are doing, or thinking of doing, modelling work can turn, to ask for advice, or to embark on joint supervision or collaboration projects. At the moment, 6 different experimental groups are making use of this functionality, and three different theoretical groups aid in the theoretical supervision. The long term goal is to convert this into a university funded core facility, but please feel free to contact us already now.