Internships and Student Projects

We are always interested in new students. As a student in our group you could be working with mathematical modeling of a specific biological question, possibly combined with experimental work in the lab, or you could be working with application or development of new theoretical methods, all depending on your background and interests. Here is a list of former students in our group, and what they did.

If you are intersted a any of the projects we are presenting down below, or have any questions regarding them, please contact us.

Master's/Bachelor's Thesis
If you are interested in doing your thesis project in our group, this is certainly possible. You should contact Karin above and discuss your background and interests. We have collaborations with many groups at Liu, and around the world, and a thesis project in our group could certainly combine experimental work and/or travel to other places. Here you can find a list of MSc students that has been in our group previously, and what they did.

Internships: Research Prepatory Course
Are you interested in trying out real research? We offer projects for students to come and work in our research group, the projects are either 15, 30, or 45 hp and formated as a research preperatory course. This course could be included in your formal education, depending the education plan, and gives you insights of how it would be to work in a research group. This is a great opportunity if you have thoughts about pursuing a career in research. Read more of the courses given at BKV or HMV.

Other Projects
If you wish to do some other kind of project in or with our group, don't hesitate to contact us and we can discuss the outline of such a project. We're always interested in new students. For example, if you are a medical doctor student your can do your T6 project in our group.

International students
Are you a Msc. Student, Phd-Student, Post Doc, or similar, in another group and wish to make a guest visit in our group? We regularly incorporate guests into our group for mutual exchange. Please find contact information here.