TBMT33 is a Bachelor's project course where the students learn to interpret real biological data to answer real (unanswered) research questions using mathematical modelling. This course is done in tight collaborations with other systems biology groups within our University.

To partake in this course you need to complete the introductory course TBMT19/37. Also navigate to that site for material such as computer labs and duggor etc.


Playlist 1 - Introduction to Systems Biology   Playlist 2 - How to write a thesis/scientific pape

  1. What is a State?
  2. What are the parameters?
  3. What are the inputs and outputs?
  4. Model from an Interaction Graph
  5. Fitting the Model to Experimental Data
  6. Testing the Fitted Model
  7. What is a core prediction?
  8. Core predictions and experimental design
  1. The four principles
  2. The components of a thesis
  3. Background and Aims
  4. Structure and paragraphs
  5. More on structured writing and paragraphs
  6. Methods Results and Discussion
  7. Abstract
  8. Discussion, Conclusions and Future Work
  9. Discussion, ethical and societal issues
  10. References and Appendix

  Playlist 3 - General about the project course

  Playlist 4 - Introduction to plotting in MATLAB

  1. Intro to TBMT33 Overview of the course
  2. The first 4 documents
  3. Intro to oral presentations - and to Presentation 1
  4. Constructing a complex slide, asking Gunnar a question
  1. The Basics
  2. Advanced Customization
  3. Handles
  4. Subplots and saving/exporting etc.
  • Supplementary Material