Cecilia Brännmark

Cecilia Brännmark did her PhD thesis with us and Peter Strålfors' group and she defended her thesis in 2012. Cecilia did multidisplinary research, both performing experiments and describing the collected insulin data with matemathical modeling. The worked aimed to describe insulin signalling in human adipocytes, down below you find a short description of her work.

Obesity and a sedentary life style are associated with type 2 diabetes, a disease starting with insulin resistance in the adipose tissue, which spreads to the whole body. Despite large research efforts to understand the insulin signaling system, there is little knowledge of the mechanisms behind insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes developments. We have herein focused on the insulin signaling in adipocytes, elucidating mechanisms for early signaling. We have also modeled isolated adipocytes and data from the in vivo, whole bodysituation, concurrently. We also mapped and quantitatively described differences in the insulin signaling of adipocytes from type 2 diabetics and non-diabetics.

You can find out more about cecilia's work in her thesis.