Henrik Podéus

I use mathematical models to understand how the interplay between different neurons can give rise to neurovascular responses and electrical signalling.

As one wishes to observe brain activity to understand and distinguish between different neurological condidtions, various methods to observe the brain has been developed (LFP, MUA, EEG, fMRI, two-photon microscopy etc.). However, the complexity of the structure and singalling between neurons poses a challange when we want to interpret the results of these techniques.

I am working with models that aims to explain how the observed behaviour can be created. Firstly, I have been a part of a project to explain how neurons create the vasoactive reponse that leads to the observed BOLD (Blood Oxygen Level Dependent)-signal observed with a fMRI scan. Secondly, I am also looking into how we can expand out models to include a better description of electrophysiological activity, which is collaboration with Salvador Dura-Bernal.